Monday, February 04, 2013


Everybody knows that the movie trailer has the best parts of the movie in it.  
Since we just don't have the time to go TO the movies like we used to, we're not letting that stop us from REVIEWING those movies.

We've watched the movie previews, and here's what we think of IRON MAN 3:

As much as I enjoy superhero movies, I’m not keen on Iron Man 3.  Watching this trailer, I did enjoy the dramatic way Stark lands in the snow after falling out of what may have been Santa’s sleigh.  This really grabbed me, and will likely have a great tie in around the holiday season.  For the most part, the movie doesn’t let go for another 2 hours.

Acts of terrorism are filmed shaky-cam style for that realistic 1st-person experience. After Stark’s oceanfront home is destroyed, the movie loses a bit of its momentum as he files his insurance claims. Still, it’s a fantastic romp worthy of the franchise name.

In the 80s, I never would’ve guessed that Robert Downey Jr. would sell out to play a superhero like Iron Man in no less than 4 films before this. (Even Michael Keaton only played Batman twice, and he’s a HUGE sell-out.)

But the studio isn’t done yet. The tooling costs involved in building the suit were so extensive that the studio needs to make at least 3 more profitable Iron Man movies to offset that initial cost. So expect an Iron Man 4 and two more Avengers movies. I hear they’re all coming out next June. And if all goes well, look for Iron Man to make cameos in Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Blades of Glory 2.


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